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The Repair Of Water Damage

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

The Repair Of Water Damage

Homeowners or business owners that experienced water damage need to act quickly to begin the restoration process. These are the steps that the restoration company will follow during the restoration process of a flooded home or business:

1. Prevention Of Additional Water Damage:

If the water in home is coming from outdoors, the restoration company will block the areas it appears to be coming in from. If a pipe break occurred, measures will be taken to prevent the pipe break from leaking while it's being repaired. If a main pipe break occurred, the water to the house may have to be shut off. If it's a supply line break, the restoration company might close a valve to prevent water from reaching the supply line break. Then, the restoration company will repair the pipe break in a way that ensures the leak won't recur.

2. Water Damage Assessment:

If there is any uncertainty about what caused the water damage, this will be determined before the water cleanup begins. If the cause is known to be a weather event, professionals will still have to carefully evaluate exactly how the flood damage happened. If a supply line break occurred, restoration professionals will determine if the supply line break was caused by any specific factors.

Then, the severity of the flood damage will be determined. The severity of flood damage on surfaces is measured using a hydrometer. Since flood damage often causes mold growth, restoration professionals will check areas of a flooded home that are likely to harbor mold. Infrared cameras are used to determine if there is water in home behind walls.

3. Removal Of Water In Home Or Water In Business:

Water in home or water in business is removed using powerful pumps that are designed specifically for water cleanup. If you have a severely flooded home, submersible pumps are utilized. In more minor cases, water in home or water in business can be removed with a wet dry vacuum.

4. The Drying Process:

Surfaces of a flooded home or business can remain wet for a long period of time after the water is pumped out. In order to expedite the drying process, water cleanup professionals pay close attention to the air in the building. Water cleanup professionals use dehumidifiers and air movers to create ideal air conditions for drying. Air movers are devices that are specially designed for drying and create an air current.

5. Ensuring The Building Is Sanitary:

The mitigation of mold growth will begin as soon as the water is removed. Specialized equipment and cleaners are used for the mitigation of mold. If mold growth has begun, the removal of some items may be necessary. This could even include materials that are located above the water line.

Porous surfaces with mold growth are often removed, but non-porous surfaces are typically cleaned during the mold mitigation process. Appliances that have been waterlogged often have to be disposed of. It is difficult to assess whether or not they have been affected by mold damage. In many cases, the filters of the heating system will need to be replaced.

Personal belongings also will be cleaned. There are various methods that can be utilized to clean personal items. However, some personal items may have to be disposed of. This is especially likely for items that have become moldy.

Professionals will also deodorize the building using specialized sprays and scented cleaners. This process is likely to be especially extensive if you had water in business due to the fact that the odor created by wet materials can deter customers.

6. Replacement:

Items that were removed during the mitigation of water damage can be replaced by the restoration company.
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Why Professionals Should Handle Commercial Fire Damage

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Why Professionals Should Handle Commercial Fire Damage

Fire damage is a lot more common than you might think, and thousands of businesses deal with intense commercial fire damage year after year. Even after the firefighters have left with their fire hoses and fire trucks, you are left to handle the fire damage and ultimate loss on your own. This is why it is imperative that you work with a fire restoration team to get rid of the damage caused by an electrical fire or utility room fire and restore the company to its former glory.

How Experts Handle Commercial Fire Damage

Fire suppression and fire sprinkler systems are incredibly important for keeping your company as safe as possible. One of the reasons fire damage and commercial fire damage is even allowed to start is because a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system had never been put into place. Because of this, you are going to want to talk to the fire restoration experts as well as a firefighter to find out more about what is available to you. The experts can also get rid of soot damage caused by the commercial fire damage as well as any remaining smoke damage.

What to Expect with Fire Restoration

The fire restoration experts specializing in this job will get rid of the soot damage and smoke damage that has been left after firefighters left with their fire hoses and fire trucks. The fire hose can also leave behind a nasty amount of water damage, so this will also be dealt with by the experts. The key is to contact the pros after firefighters leave so that you can begin repairs. You should never attempt to do this work on your own especially after an electrical fire or utility room fire has hit the area.

How to Contact a Local Fire Damage Company

The fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system can be put into place by the experts as well. Not only will these professionals handle the smoke damage left behind as well as the soot damage, but they can deal with putting in a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system for you at a price you'll find to be affordable. Once the firefighters leave with their fire hoses and fire trucks, you are going to need to look for a good quality company to help out with the cleanup and restoration. No fire truck can do this type of work for you.

Other Things to Know

The soot damage and remaining smoke damage can be handled by the pros when it is most convenient for you. If you have also had an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is important that you understand that you will need to hire other professionals to handle this issue. Electrical fires and utility room fires cannot be handled by a professional restoration company and a fire can happen again if you are not too careful.

There are a lot of reasons for hiring this type of professional, but the most important thing to realize is that there are experts out there who are more than willing to help you out when you need it the most. This is something you should never attempt to do on your own, simply because of the fact that this is something that can be problematic in more ways than just one. The good thing to know is that there are tons of experts out there who are more than willing to help you out and restore your company back to the way that it was. This is a service you are going to find to be highly beneficial in many different ways, allowing you to regain control of your life and know that you have the professionals there who can help out in every way that they possibly can after they have come to your home.
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Picking Up the Pieces After Storm Damage

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Picking Up the Pieces After Storm Damage

When you are struck by a major storm, whether it is a hurricane, a flood, strong winds, or a winter blast, it can turn your whole world upside down. Storm damage can be considerable. River flooding or flooding of any kind is a typical result of hurricane damage. Ground water and flood water can rise to alarming levels. It can enter your home and cause destruction. Your flood pump may not be able to keep up with the water that rises in your basement. The end result is a serious need for storm remediation. No matter what kind of damage you have, whether it is hurricane damage or ice damage, you are going to need help when it is time for home restoration after the storm has finally over. When it is time to pick up the pieces, call in the experts for storm damage restoration.

Taking Those Initial Steps

Once the storm has passed, you will be left with the damages. It is too overwhelming to try and manage the home restoration process on your own. When you bring in a professional team that knows about storm restoration, it will be possible to turn your disaster around. They will begin with an evaluation of your home. They will look at hail damage, water damage, and wind damage. They will consider the presence of flood water or ground water in your home. They will assess roof damage caused by a roof leak and determine what type of roof repair work is needed. If it is winter time and you have ice damming, frozen pipes, and ice damage, a plan of action will be determined to suit your needs. Once your professional storm restoration team has completed their initial evaluation, they can concentrate on storm remediation.

Breaking Down the Damages

When you are facing hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, and water restoration are going to be major issues caused by extreme storm damage. River flooding or flooding are typical problems that must be addressed, leaving water behind in your home. A flood pump can be used to remove any signs of flooding. Your professional storm damage restoration experts will take care of the process of removing all signs of flooding or river flooding. They will use the flood pump to get rid of ground water or flood water that lingers in your home. When it has no place to go, a flood pump can get rid of it as part of storm remediation. Roof damage is another issue. Wind damage, hail damage, and hurricane damage in general can result in considerable roof damage. When there is a roof leak, roof repair is necessary to avoid additional water damage throughout your home. Water restoration is possible, as well as home restoration, when the roof is sound once again in order to continue in the process of storm remediation.

Dealing with Winter Storms

When storms strike in the winter, ice damming is typical. Ice damming creates an ice dam on your roof that can cause severe roof damage. Ice damming can be a major source of ice damage that will leave you with a mess. Your storm restoration team can take care of all of the problems that come with an ice dam. They can remove the ice dam and look at roof leak issues that require roof repair. Once the ice dam is gone and a roof leak is located, they will complete all roof repair work. Frozen pipes are another issue. Frozen pipes can result in a break or flooding in the basement. Your storm restoration crew can take care of the damages brought on by frozen pipes in order to complete storm remediation.

It's Time to Clean Up and Achieve Home Restoration

Once all issues have been addressed from river flooding, wind damage, flood water, and ground water, water restoration will be achieved. Put any kind of damage, from hail damage to ice damage behind you. With water restoration services, all services will be sanitized. Anything that has been damaged will be repaired. Fresh paint and drywall will help you to rebuild. You can have a fresh start when you turn to the professionals.
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Water Damage: What Needs to Be Done

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage: What Needs to Be Done

Water damage is no laughing matter. Whether a person experiences water in a home or water in a business, the focus should be on water cleanup as a way of minimizing the damage. Calling a restoration company is critical to help with mitigation and restoration. It's important to understand what they will do in order to make a difference.

Minimize the Problem

If there is a pipe break or a supply line break, it can result in hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water. Any amount of water in a home or water in a business can be detrimental. Mitigation becomes the biggest focus as it's necessary to minimize the problem.

While some mitigation can be done by the home or business owner, it's important to call in a restoration company. It's what will make it easier to focus on water cleanup, drying, and getting the water in a home or water in a business out.

Additionally, the pipe break or supply line break needs to be addressed so that the influx of water can stop. If it's a flooded home because of the weather, then it might be necessary to bring in sand bags and try to divert the water until the storm passes.

Any level of mitigation can be helpful. By working with professionals, it's a lot easier to prevent water damage and focus on any flood damage that has occurred.

Start Drying the Affected Areas

Water damage can begin almost immediately. Some materials are more apt to be affected by a flooded home than others, which is why mitigation is of the utmost importance. Many people don't realize how much water can enter a home or business as a result of a pipe break or supply line break until it happens.

Drying will help with the water cleanup. All excess water needs to be removed. By working with a professional restoration company, they will be able to use state-of-the-art equipment to help with drying. The walls, floors, furniture, and more can be dried effectively to minimize the water in a home or water in a business.

When it comes to flood damage, it's important to identify what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. Items inside of a flooded home that are too wet and cannot be dried need to be discarded. Additionally, if the water is from a supply line break or pipe break that does not have potable water, such as sewer water, part of the water cleanup will also involve sanitation.

Address the Issues

All sorts of issues will need to be addressed when there is a flooded home or business. No one wants to get rid of more than what's necessary. Additionally, the flood damage has to be corrected so that a person can move back into their home or re-open their business.

All water damage has to be identified. From there, it will be easier to see what needs to be tossed and what can be salvaged. A restoration company will be able to ensure that the water doesn't cause long-term damage, such as mold or wood rot, too.

Create a Restoration Plan

A restoration plan needs to be put into place to deal with the flood damage in a home or business. Professionals will now how to make a plan and coordinate with insurance if necessary.

No one should try and handle the water damage to their property alone. With the help of a good company that knows about restoration, it will be easier to figure out what needs to be done the moment there is too much water inside of a building.
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What To Do If You Have Fire Damage

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

What To Do If You Have Fire Damage

Fire damage in a house or building fire can be completely devastating, and the cleanup process is not easy. DIY fire damage restoration is never advised due to the complex and difficult cleaning process that is required after a fire. Smoke damage and soot damage occur after fires and the remedies are all included as part of the fire cleanup process. If you have suffered from a fire in home or fire in your business, make sure you call a professional restoration company to help you board up the area and deal with the aftermath, get rid of the smoke smell, and help with any other aspect of home or commercial fire damage. Here is what you should do in the event that you have smoke damage, soot damage, or fire damage.

1. Don't Enter Your Home
Fire damage doesn't just create a smoke smell or soot smell, it can deteriorate and destroy the foundation of your home. You need to make sure that any entry into your home is cleared by a professional fire company prior to entering the premises. There is also a risk of a fire restarting, even if it appears to be completely out.

2. Make a Few Calls
Informing family and other loved ones of the fire, and your safety status is one of the most important parts of fire damage restoration. Material items can be replaced, but your family's peace of mind is important. Next, call your insurance company. Many companies cover fire damage restoration if you have suffered from home fire or a fire in business.

3. Fire Report
Obtaining a copy of the fire report is also crucial in the early stages after you experience a fire in home or fire in business. Your local fire agency can help you obtain a copy of the report, and if they can't release it to you they will instruct you on where to obtain a copy. The fire report will include the home's condition, persons involved, and other important information required by both your insurance company and the restoration company who comes in to help clean up the damage and board up the house.

4. Securing the Property
Whether you experience home or commercial fire damage, many insurance companies mandate that you board up the area. A restoration company can assist you with this to make sure that you are safe throughout the process. If your utilities are unsafe, the fire department will make sure they are turned off before they leave the area. It is important to not turn them on after they have been shut off!

5. Replace Documents
Whether the documents have suffered smoke damage, soot damage, or been destroyed entirely, it is important to replace them. This should be done before the fire cleanup so you have time to start the process of replacing them. You should also be sure to replace any damaged credit cards after you cancel them. Don't forget the social security cards, birth certificates, or driver's licenses that haven't been damaged by the fire.

6. Begin Cleanup
This process is where you will want to make sure to hire a professional restoration company. It is never advisable to try and remedy the damage that occurs from a fire in home or fire in business because it is dangerous and a complicated process to remove the smoke smell, smoke damage, and fire damage. Fire damage restoration companies will help you board up the house or, in the event that there is commercial fire damage, board up the business as well. Fire cleanup usually includes getting rid of smoke damage, smoke smell, soot damage, and fire damage.

Whether you have suffered a fire in home or fire in business, it is important to always leave the damage control to the professionals. Fire cleanup with residential or commercial fire damage can be complicated and tricky, and getting it done right the first time is crucial. Give your fire restoration company a call and leave it to the professionals!
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Questions about Mold Answered

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Questions about Mold Answered

Remediation of mold damage is invaluable for mold in home or commercial mold damage. There isn't typically a short term fix. Mold spores can expand and eventually become a long term issue. Those spots you see associated with black mold, fungus or mildew aren't as innocent as they seem to be. It can lead to devastating financial consequences for home or business owners. There's a lot of misinformation about mold growth and mold damage out there these days. Here are answers to some typically asked questions by those concerned with their first sign of mold.

Can a restoration company provide true mold removal?
Mold damage can be costly in mold in home or commercial mold damage situations. A restoration company has enough experience to not only investigate the origins of the mold but to also thoroughly remove the issue. They can ultimately find the source which leads to resolution of the entire issue.

Does mold growth expand through the course of time?
Mold growth does absolutely expand if left untreated. Mold growth can expand because spores thrive in humidity and moisture. More of that could lead to what is known as dry rot. Dry rot happens when wood in your structure gets infected with mold. This weakens the wood. It decays and that leaves the entire structure compromised. The worst case scenario is the wood decays enough and an entire rebuild of the dwelling needs to take place. The drastic costs associated with a complete rebuild can perhaps be avoided with a simple consultation from a restoration company in the early stages of mold.

I have mold growth behind wall. How does a restoration company find that?
Experts who have battled different types of mold for years have professional grade equipment. They can find the origin of the mold. Mold growth behind wall can be infuriating for those just noticing the smelly odor. Those with mold in home or commercial mold damage may be tempted to tear down the walls to find the source of the problem. A professional will be able to diagnose where the mold is occurring and how to properly remove it.

The smelly odor is outrageous. How do I safely remove it?
Deodorization is the removal of the smelly odor. Professionals in mold removal have deodorization methods unavailable to the general public. They have professional grade equipment so deodorization actually works. Mold growth behind wall is often hidden but provides that awful aroma.
The goal is to bring the smell back to normal. Many consumers will notice the mildew smell won't go away with many over the counter products. That's where deodorization differs with a restoration company.

How does mitigation or remediation actually work?
Mitigation is just the lessening of the actual damage of mold. Remediation is the complete removal which involves sanitizing, deodorization and activities to prevent further occurrences. Either way, home or business owners will struggle to figure out ways to properly do mitigation or remediation on their own. Do it yourself videos are abundantly available but they offer no professional grade equipment and usually short term solutions to what could be long term problems. The difference between what a restoration company can offer and what an individual can do is based on experience, knowledge and professional grade equipment. It's also based on knowing which type of mold they are dealing with. Is it black mold? Is it one of the many other variations? Knowledge is power when dealing with mold spores.

Can't I just clean the fungus and mildew myself?
People with mold in home or commercial mold damage might assume it's safe to remove fungus and mildew damage on their own. While this is possible, it's also not rectifying the source of the issue. A person could find they have to clean this same issue over and over again over the next few months or years because the source of the problem was never addressed. A leaky pipe in the interior could be causing the issue. The household HVAC system could be the issue. A leak in a roof could also be the culprit. Black mold could result from that leak. Poor ventilation is also a detriment and leads to mold. Mold damage comes in all shapes and sizes and has varying sources. Mold removal needs to also be addressed in that manner. Home or business owners don't want the fungus to eventually lead to dry rot or black mold. A smelly odor could also be present and that's never a good sign.

Is dry rot irreversible?
Dry rot can be a big problem and can lead to big financial loss. It can lead to a complete reconstruction of the home or business if it advances. That's why mitigation of the issue as soon as possible is important. Wood can decay and hurt the infrastructure of any building. It can happen with mold growth behind wall so it's hidden. The good news is the issue can be resolved if stopped in time. Mold removal by experts helps alleviate the issues and can prevent further damage.
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Useful Information on Water Damage

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Useful Information on Water Damage

Water damage is one of the scariest things homeowners can think of. Many of them know what water damage entails. However, a few understand exactly what causes it, how to repair the damaged parts and how to ensure it never occurs again. Below is a list of everything you need to know about water damage.

Common Causes

Water damage and flood damage may occur if excess water accumulates in areas where it is not supposed to be. Several factors can cause this excess water in your business or home. The most common factors include pipe break, issues with the plumbing system, faulty household items, natural disasters, leaky roof, supply line break and improper grading. Many of these issues are difficult to detect during the early stages. They only become known after they cause serious damages.

Removing Standing Water

Removing standing water in a flooded home is the first step towards water damage restoration. It is important to get rid of the accumulated water in the home or business as soon as possible to allow the flooded areas to dry. Do not attempt to repair the flood damage yourself. Hire a reputable restoration company to do the water cleanup job on your behalf. A restoration company has well trained and qualified personnel who know exactly where to start from and what to avoid.

Most likely, the restoration company experts will use a pump or any other tool to do water cleanup. They will remove the water from the flooded home and check to see if the cause is due to a pipe break, supply line break or any other plumbing issues that might bring water in your home.

Water Restoration

Once you remove water from your flooded home, start the restoration process. Again, you need a restoration company to do the work. The company will begin by checking the severity of the pipe break, supply line break or any other plumbing issue that might have brought water in your home or business. After that, they will kick-start the water cleanup process by drying up all the affected areas. There are special drying tools specifically designed to do the job very quickly. Drying the water in your business or home will prevent the growth of molds in the flooded area.

Once the water in your business or home is completely dry, the restoration experts will check the walls and other parts of the flooded home to see the extent of the damage. They will also check to see the extent of pipe break or supply line break and decide if there is need for replacement. They may use their drying tools to cleanup if they find the walls and other areas to be wet.

The water cleanup process will finally end with foundation repair. In some severe cases, the flood water in the home or business may seep through the floor down to the foundation. The restoration experts will check to see how far the water in the business or home has gone. In most flood damage cases, the water from supply line break and pipe break do not reach the foundation.

Mitigation Measures

There is a little you can do to prevent flood damage caused by natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes. However, there are a lot of mitigation measures you can employ to reduce the likelihood of flood damage occurring in your home or business. One mitigation measure involves frequently checking for any incidences of pipe break and supply line break to prevent water damage. There are also other mitigation measures you can employ. You can remove debris from the gutters, seal cracks in the foundation, install window well covers and seal cracks around the house.

Removing debris from the gutter or installing window well covers by yourself is very dangerous. You need a restoration expert to handle these tasks.
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What to do While Waiting for the Fire Damage Restoration Company

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What to do While Waiting for the Fire Damage Restoration Company

When a fire has left your home in ruins, knowing what to do until a professional fire restoration company arrives to clean things up can make a tremendous impact on the overall loss you sustain. Fire damage restoration adds a bit of assurance to an uncertain situation, but fire cleanup is always the first step. Smoke damage and soot damage are two of the unseen dangers lurking after a fire. Both soot damage and smoke damage can have a massive impact. But, how can you avoid smoke damage and soot damage? What do you do to minimize the dangers left behind after a fire has devastated your home? The following tips make it easier to restore your home after a fire, before the professionals arrive on the scene.

Is it Safe to Go Inside?

Your safety -and that of family and friends -is of great significance after a fire. Do not return inside the home until given the green light to do so by the fire company. The smoke smell is one danger left behind after a fire, but there's a variety of additional risks of returning inside the house after a fire in home. Fire damage restoration saves the day!

Board Up the House

You should board up the house after a fire, if the fire department doesn't handle this task. You can use large, sturdy boards for the board up. When the house is boarded, you prevent intruders from coming inside, but also gain additional benefits such as minimizing fire damage and injuries when you board up.

Choose the Best Restoration Company

Fire damage restoration companies are a dime a dozen, but you shouldn't hire the first restoration company that comes your way for a fire in home or fire in business. Instead, choose a trustworthy, reputable restoration company who will exceed expectations. After a fire in home, the last thing you want to do is deal with a company lacking professionalism or who cares about making money and nothing more. Choose an experienced, certified company with a good reputation, free estimates and competitive pricing. Residential and commercial fire damage professionals who care about your needs are out there waiting for you to find them.

What About a Fire in Business?

A fire in business is just as scary as a fire in home and should be handled with the same care and attention. If you are a business owner dealing with a fire in business, ensure that you do not let employees inside the building until it is safe to do so. Salvage any items that are safe to handle, and hire a professional fire cleanup crew to clean the mess that is left behind. The smoke smell is easy-to remove from many items in your business, so don't allow the smoke smell prevent you from grabbing items left behind. A fire in business may leave you unable to operate for a few days, but the assurance offered when you hire a commercial fire damage company puts thins back into perspective. Commercial fire damage is no match for the experts at a fire cleanup company. A commercial fire damage company charges minimal fees for thorough fire cleanup, saving you time, headache and hassle. Find the right commercial fire damage restoration company for confidence and peace of mind.

Points to Ponder After Fire Damage

Although you want to save as much as possible after fire damage, some things may have sustained damage due to the fire and shouldn't be salvaged. Canned goods, beverages, and frozen foods are items that you should toss after a fire. If electrical items were in the home, check with a professional before attempting to use the items again. When cleaning damaged clothes, choose a dry cleaner specializing in fire damage to ensure the smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage are all removed from the items. Change the HVAC filters in your heating and cooling unit, and ensure that you limit movement in the home to avoid the spread of soot and other particles left behind from the fire.
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The Steps of Professional Mold and Mildew Removal

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The Steps of Professional Mold and Mildew Removal

Mold damage can affect your home or office after water damage and become a serious problem very quickly. It is important to know the steps you can take if your home is suffering from mold growth. Contact a mold remediation and restoration company to help you with mold removal.

Mold is a type of fungus and it survives by consuming dead, organic matter such as dry leaves and wood. Spores - small, lightweight "seeds" - can be found anywhere there is a source of moisture, both indoors and outdoors. They are common and they travel through the air, so it is easy for one to find its way into your home or office. If one lodges in a suitable environment it can grow into a colony within 24-48 hours.

Thousands of different mold growths exist. Some molds are allergens and can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, or respiratory system. Black mold is a well-known health concern and should be addressed immediately.

Risks for Mold Damage

If your home experiences water damage you may be at risk for mold growth. Mold can get out of hand very quickly. It is important to manage any compromising situations as soon as they arise. Consider mold removal if your home experiences water damage due to:

Leaks from plumbing, washing machine or air conditioner
Sink or bathtub overflow
Sewage backup
Dampness or humidity

Identifying Mold Fungus and Dry Rot

Mold fungus can be identified by its appearance and smelly odor. The first sign of mold is discoloration on the affected area. Usually, mold presents as gray or green and it has a smelly odor. Dry rot can often be found around the mold growth or as a result of it.

Black mold fungus is dangerous and can cause serious health problems. Black mold appears blackish-green in color, has a smelly odor and has a slimy texture similar to paint. Get the area affected by black mold treated immediately by a mold removal company.

What to do When You Find Mold or Dry Rot

Consult a professional mold remediation and restoration company as soon as you find mold in your home or if you need commercial mold damage treatment. The restoration company will carefully inspect your property and assess the severity of mold in the home before determining what equipment and resources are needed for mold removal, cleanup, and deodorization.

Mold and Mildew Remediation and Mitigation

There are steps that can aid in mitigation of the mold in your home. Mold and mildew mitigation is ensured by treating the colony directly and removing infected objects. The severity of the infestation determines what the necessary steps are for complete mitigation and deodorization.

Treatment is also available for commercial mold damage. Often, commercial mold damage is extensive. In some commercial mold damage cases, large furniture, carpet, or drywall may be removed, such as when there is mold growth behind the wall. Mold growth behind the walls may be caused by excess moisture. A professional is required in order to properly clean and disinfect the area of the mold growth behind the wall, as well as to perform the necessary repairs and deodorization.

When possible, items will be cleaned and disinfected before undergoing deodorization and being returned to the treated area. A professional mold remediation and restoration company will make sure that there is no mildew or mold in your home, smelly odor, dry rot, black mold or growth behind the walls.

Preventing Mold Damage

Mildew and mold damage are natural occurrences and are not possible to eliminate entirely, but you can take precautions to prevent their growth in your home or business.
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Preparing for Water Damage

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Preparing for Water Damage

Water is essential to the life of a human being and a lot of it can cause a lot of destruction. Thus it is inevitable and when it happens then one must carry out water damage restoration.

What is water damage?

This is the destruction that is caused by excess water during a given period of time by water in home or water in business. When there is excess water in home or water in business certain materials are bound to get spoiled. This includes materials such as ceiling board, wood, and steel among many others. Water in home and water in business precipitates certain processes such as the rotting of wood and rusting of steel. The damage caused by water in home or water in business may happen gradually especially when there is damage to your drainage system and plumbing system or all over sudden during natural catastrophes such as floods or hurricanes.

The process of water damage

There are various categories which can exist in any premises. They include:

• Category 1: This is basically called clean water. It is mostly caused by damage to the water supply system, when a sink overflows or when there is a problem in the clean water system of the home. This can cause damage in the home or even in the office.

• Category 2: This is also called grey water. This type of damage has a large number of contaminants caused by physical, chemicals or biological pollution. It causes damage in the home or in the office after plumbing system problem, water from washing machines or even a dishwasher.

• Category 3: This called black water. This is the worst form of damage. It contains dangerous contaminants like sewage water.

In addition to this, it can also be classified as class 1 which has a sluggish pace of evaporation, class 2 with a quick pace of evaporation, class 3 with a quicker pace of evaporation and class 4 with the quickest pace of evaporation.

What to do if you have water damage.

The damage is sometimes attributed to natural causes, therefore it is deemed to be inevitable. In the event that it occurs, the first step that one should think about is how water drying will be done. The water cleanup requires water restoration methods which will lead to complete drying of the premises. The water restoration techniques used are determined by the period it has been stagnant and the amount of damage that was caused. Depending on the destruction caused the water restoration may be carried out by a professional or even by the premise owner. Hydraulic restoration is basically drying of the water which should be done as soon as possible to reduce further damage. During the water cleanup, extensive labor may be used especially if the damage is significant. Professional water cleanup requires proficient equipment.

Immediately there is damage to any premises, all electrical appliances should be disconnected. All water sources should also be closed or stopped especially if the water is from a leaking tap, water line or any kind of seepage. Mitigation should be carried out by a professional. During the mitigation, equipment used to detect water will be used to establish the extent of the destruction. Floating materials should be picked and kept safely. The water cleanup exercise should be done efficiently by qualified personnel especially if the damage is extensive. Hydraulic damage should be eliminated by drying the premises completely.

How to recover your home after flood damage:

Flood damage is one of the hydraulic damages that cannot be prevented. In the case of flood damage, all electric appliances and gas should be promptly switched off. One should ensure that they are properly insulated while doing this. Before proper mitigation, one should assess the general damage before the water cleanup is carried out. Photos of the flood damage area should be taken for further assessment. Water cleanup involves picking up of important materials around the house before the drying begins. One should contact professionals for the mitigation process to begin.
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