Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Damage After Flooding

Does my insurance cover mold? It is not easy to go through a flood damage in your home in St. Charles, IL. Some people just don't know what to do and think the ... READ MORE

Why does mold grow in my home?

How does mold get in my house? Mold is a decomposing fungus that has spores everywhere. Turing over dirt, buying mulch, or having a pet causes your home to have... READ MORE

Triple Disasters for Batavia Home

How can a fire go from bad to worse? After this home suffered a fire it was left vacant for a time until the homeowners could decide which company to use to cle... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning in Geneva Facility

Where there is water, there is mold. Upon arriving on this facility our technicians went straight to work in getting the water damage portion of the building ta... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning in Geneva Home

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Geneva / Batavia removed the mold from this home. Mold is very invasive which also calls for very invasive cleaning procedures. Our cre... READ MORE

Residential Mold Job

This Is a Residential Mold case in St. Charles Illinois. Customer had slow leaking pipe which led to Mold Build up. After Mold Remediation structure was clean a... READ MORE