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Every Minute Counts

9/8/2016 (Permalink)

Air movers during restoration

St. Charles Home Health: Every Minute Counts With Home Restoration

When you’re surprised by water damage to your home, whether from a natural disaster or a leaking water heater, it's critical that you act fast. Salvaging your personal items and beginning the water damage restoration process as soon as possible will help to minimize damage to your home, and save you time and money.

In as little as one day, standing water begins to harbor harmful germs and mold that can cause irreversible harm to your home and belongings making them unsalvageable –remember, typically restoring belongings costs less than replacing them. But with one phone call, your personal restoration team will take action and begin to minimize the damage even before the actual restoration begins.

Here are but some of the ways SERVPRO of Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles work fast to minimize water damage to your home

Fast Response Time

Within one hour of contacting us, we'll arrange to meet you at your home to assess the damage. Within four hours, we're on site, beginning the mitigation process. Within as little as eight hours, a full report of the recommended water damage restoration services is ready for you and your insurance adjuster.

Begin the Water Extraction Process

Using powerful truck-mounted pumps, we extract standing water and moisture from water-soaked carpeting and furniture. We also remove flood-damaged drywall and carpeting as these items are prone to grow mold. Dehumidifying with industrial fans and commercial dehumidifiers ensure that every last bit of moisture is extracted from the flooded area. Mold damage is a likely to occur if this step is not done properly.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Depending on the type of water that flooded your home, our team will use antifungal, antibacterial disinfecting treatments to sanitize your home. However we don't stop there -- we also use air scrubbers, deodorizers, and fogging equipment to cleanse the air of mold spores and the lingering smell of mildew or sewage.

Work Rigorously To Restore Your Personal Items

Similar to acting quickly in your home, St. Charles SERVPRO moves fast to salvage as much as possible of your personal belongings. We understand that saving your personal items and keepsakes is just as important as restoring your home. Calling us as soon as flood damage occurs allows us to evaluate each item, giving you the best chance of saving your keepsakes. With a keen eye, your SERVPRO team reviews each item with you. Many satisfied customers are surprised at how fast and thoroughly belongings are returned to their original state.

Quick action is critical to preventing further water damage, and nobody is faster to any size disaster in the TriCity area than St. Charles SERVPRO.  We are the preferred water damage restoration provider, and we work directly with your home insurance company to accelerate the claim filing process. When faced with the emergency of an unexpected flood, you can count on us to minimize the damage and make your house look as if it never happened. Call us today and put our speed to the test!

What Workers Are In Your Home?

5/11/2016 (Permalink)


St. Charles Home Care: What it Means to be IICRC Certified and Why is Matters


IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is a non-profit organization that has set rigorous standards for home and commercial inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries and they work in partnership with trades both in the US and around the world. A business that is IICRC certified understands that customer service, integrity, and continued education are an essential part of the home cleanup and restoration process.

Read on to learn more about IICRC certification standards and how SERVPRO of St. Charles uses it to serve you better.

IICRC requires a business to present all information honestly and accurately. We also maintain liability insurance that protects both you and our team in case there is an accident. In the unlikely event you have a complaint, SERVPRO of St. Charles has a written complaint policy to ensure that disputes are resolved fairly. IICRC certification also means that any technicians at work restoring your home after water, fire, or smoke damage, has gone through extensive training and has passed all tests. Read more about the training and continued education below.

Continued Education
Initial training and certification are comprehensive, and our team at Batavia SERVPRO have successfully completed:
• Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
• Applied Structural Drying Technician
• Carpet Cleaning Technician
• Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician
• Odor Control Technician
• Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician
• Water Damage Restoration Technician

IICRC requires business with this trusted certification to have their technicians continue their education. This ensures that they are up-to-date with the best cleaning and restoration methods including fire and water damage, and mold removal. Batavia SERVPRO exceeds this standard by offering additional SERVPRO franchise training as well as continued education opportunities from insurance adjusters and real estate professionals.

When you choose a home and commercial restoration business that is IICRC certified, you know that you are selecting a business that you can trust to do their best. Certification from the IICRC is a rigorous process, one that not all restoration companies are willing to do, but SERVPRO of St. Charles aims to be not only the best in home restoration but also the most trusted.